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Finance Teachers


I-Hsiang Huang Professor Corporate Finance and Governance Internet Ph.D. in Finance National Central University, Taiwan 個人網址
Lan-Feng Kao Professor chairman Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, and Corporate Governance Ph.D. in Accounting National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan 個人網址
Hsu-Huei Huang Professor Corporate Governance, Investment, and Corporate Finance. Hsu-Huei Ph.D. in Finance National Chengchi University, Taiwan 個人網址
Yi-Kai Chen Associate Professor Commerce Banking and Corporate Governance Ph.D. in Finance Drexel University, U.S.A. 個人網址
Chih-Hsiang Chang Associate Professor Investments, Behavioral Finance, Market Microstructure Ph.D. in Finance National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan 個人網址
I-Chun Tsai Associate Professor market of stocks and bonds Ph.D. in Finance National Sun Yat-sen University,Taiwan 個人網址
Hsin-Yi Yu Assistant Professor Corporate Governance, Econometrics, and Statistics Ph.D. in Management and Economic University of Edinburgh, U.K. 個人網址
Wan-Ru-Yang Assistant Professor Microeconomics, Behavioral Finance., Game Theory Ph.D. in Economics University of California,Santa Barbara, U.S.A 個人網址
Wen-Kai Wang   Assistant Professor Mathematical Finance and Economics, Stochastic Optimization, Differential Games, Real Options  Ph. D. in Economics and Finance University of St Andrews. UK  個人網址
Ming-Shann Tsai Assistant Professor Financial Engineer, Risk Management Ph. D. in Finance National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan 個人網址
David K. Wang Assistant Professor Risk Management, Behavioral Finance   Ph. D. in Finance University of Golden Gate University 個人網址 
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