Peace of mind certification course-CPR + AED education training, jointly organized by the Office of Academic Affairs and the College of Management

Every minute counts to save lives! Dean Huang Yixiang of our College attended the "CPR+AED Education and Training" organized by the College of Management and participated in the lectures and practical operation of "Calling Piezo" with the teachers and colleagues of the College. The whole set of steps was not easy, and colleagues were encouraged to learn. This life-saving technique is self-interested and helpful.


To continue the certification of safe places and create a healthy and safe campus, the Academic Affairs Office has handled three CPR+AED education training in January. Currently, 146 people have completed the education and training, with a completion rate of 34%. It is planned to be delivered to each hospital from March to April. The institute roved again, and this time (4/7) came to the College of Management to handle it. Dean Huang Yixiang of the College was present to express his support and thanks to the faculty and staff of the College for their response and jointly safeguard the health and safety of the College.


CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) has been popularized for many years and it has become a basic common sense. AED (automatic external cardiac defibrillator) function is to automatically detect the heart rhythm and pulse of the injured patient and apply electric shocks to restore the heart to normal operation. The two complement each other. It can also greatly increase the chance of success in saving lives.


There are currently 4 AEDs on the campus of Kaohsiung University. They are located on the 1st floor of the Library and Information Center (outside the self-learning space), the entrance of the Physical Fitness Recreation Building, next to the cash machine at the post office of the College of Engineering, and the first floor of the OB dormitory. This (2021) year, Three additional units are planned, one of which will be located in the College of Management.


Relevant learning information and teaching materials can be found in the "AED First Aid Training Network in Public Places of the Ministry of Health and Welfare":。