The Dean of the College of Management takes over the appointment of Professor Huang Yixiang of the Department of Financial Management: Full service to all teachers and colleagues in the school

[Text provided: Li Yingxuan, appointed secretary of the School of Management; edited by the Public Affairs Group]

2021-03-09 National Kaohsiung University College of Management held a dean handover ceremony on the 3rd. President Chen Yueduan served as the supervisor. Professor Huang Yixiang of the Department of Financial Management took over the seal from the former dean Geng Shaoxun and became the eighth dean.

Chen Yueduan gave a speech to thank former Dean Geng Shaoxun for his contribution and dedication to the College of Management. Especially the outstanding changes are obvious to all. I also thank Huang Yixiang for his willingness to step up and take over the important tasks. With his academic expertise, rich practical experience, and abundant network resources in the industry, the College of Management will move forward. New milestones, and work with the school administration and academic units to jointly promote and implement the plan to create a win-win situation.

Academic vice president Geng Shaoxun thanked his colleagues for promoting the school affairs to obtain the support, tolerance, and understanding of teachers and colleagues during his tenure, as well as the dedication of the school office team for their efforts to improve the teaching space and plan (academic) common curriculum business. Geng Ye promised to be the vice president. Uphold the spirit of service to contribute to the school.

Vice President of Administration Zeng Zifeng praised the performance of the School of Management, which has always been a model for other schools. In addition to congratulating the "same ladder" friends on the next level, he also hopes to create new models together, including happiness and sharing.

Huang Yixiang thanked Geng Shaoxun and other dean leaders for accumulating outstanding results. He quite agrees and supports the principal's philosophy of "administrative unit support, assistance, and service to academics (units)." In the future, he will also uphold this spirit to serve, maintain, create, and Strive for the rights and resources of all teachers and colleagues in the school.

Ouyang Zhihong, a major manufacturer of simulation technology, somatosensory technology, and Zhiwei Group's chairman, specially attended the ceremony and praised Huang Yixiang's performance as an independent director of the company. Zhiwei's performance has greatly improved by 12 times, and his business skills are good. Although he is reluctant, he still blesses Huang Jie. In charge of the hospital, I also look forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future.