The TOP course of the College of Management, the teachers give the "Jianghu a little trick" to each other. The voucher will give priority to 6 corporate internships and full-time interview opportunities

Advance deployment of card positions in the workplace depends on this "certificate"! National Kaohsiung University joined hands with 104 Manpower Bank to create a first among universities in the country and offer educational training courses. The final results presentation will be held on the 12th. In addition to earning three credits for the period, students who take the approach will also receive priority from 6 companies, including Xinyi Housing. Internships, full-time job interview opportunities increase employment competitiveness.

The "TOP (Talent Optimization Program) Enterprise High-Quality Talents Training Course" is jointly planned and promoted by the Kaohsiung University School of Management, the School of Innovation, and the "Career College" of 104 Manpower Bank. Kaohsiung University's academic vice president Geng Shaoxun said that this form of industry-university cooperation is the first of its kind for universities in the country.

Vice President Geng emphasized that this industry-university cooperation case will be signed at the beginning of 2020 (2020). The then Dean of the School of Management will negotiate and sign the new school year (109-1) in the second half of the year. It is at a time when the COVID-19 epidemic is severe. To complete the arduous task, I not only admire 104 corporate efficiencies but also thank it for showing CSR (corporate social responsibility) and stepping into the campus to cultivate talents together.

Yang Juan, chairman of 104 Manpower Bank, attended and participated in the whole process, listening to the student briefing to express support. Yang said that 104 Career Academy assists students in cultivating their employability by systematically exploring an interest, cultivating expertise, broadening their horizons, and combining job-hunting skills, together with the internship opportunities provided by the company, hoping to help students have the ability to find employment as soon as they graduate. Yang also said that the first trial cooperation with Garda has been effective. Central University, Sun Yat-sen University, and Taipei Education University have also expressed their willingness to cooperate, and classes are expected to start one after another (2021).

The TOP course is close to the needs of the workplace. It is covered by Huang Peiqi, an assistant professor at the Institute of Management of Kaohsiung University, and 104 staff members invited by the Human Resources Bank, including Xinyi Housing, Warring States Policy, Decathlon, Smart Advertising, E-Master Integrated Marketing, and Unified Dream Mall. Classes are given by senior executives of companies in various industries such as real estate sales, advertising and marketing, sports and fitness, and department store retailing.

In addition to building students' workplace attitudes and soft power, including Office software practical skills, social media operations, briefing and storytelling abilities, the professional teachers also give the company "a little bit of excellence (core strengths)" and practical experience in the industry out of the box. For example, they were using online tools such as Google Ads or Google Trends to help customers analyze the effectiveness of advertising. More importantly, students who have completed the TOP course, in addition to obtaining three credits, can also get priority access to a total of 88 internship vacancies and two full-time interview opportunities for Shangkai companies with the certificate of completion.

In order to obtain a certificate of completion, students must complete the "last mile" and report on the topics of the teachers. The selected topics include Decathlon Consumer Experience, Xinyi Housing Community Service Action Proposal, IKEA Brand Public Relations and Community Communication Program, Dreamtime Activity Program Paintings are actual cases of the company where the professional teacher works or serving customers.

Lai Fanyu, a student of the course and the Department of Business Administration of Asia Pacific, said that the teachers had benefited a lot from sharing, and they have a broader vision of career vision. "Initially, many students wanted to do marketing planning, and so did I. The teacher suggested: Even if you start a business or other jobs, you can accumulate industry experience. In the future, you can transfer to marketing and provide solutions to development difficulties from the business side."