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The College of Management - An Introduction

In June 2002, the University started to organise the College of Management, which was then formally set up in February 2006 with permission of the Ministry of Education.

The College of Management of the National University of Kaohsiung is established with features of quality, innovation, and diversity in management education.

It brings together a remarkable community of students, scholars, professionals, and visionaries, all of whom are contributing to the understanding of management science in this rapidly changing world.


The College of Management has five main goals:

1. Integrate courses for improving teaching quality.

2. Collaborate research for strengthening research quality.

3. Provide extensive education for fulfilling life learning.

4. Work through the service center for corporate strategic consulting and academic support.

5. Devote to globalization for academic competitive advantages

Academic Programs

Department of Applied Economics (2000.8.1)

Department of Asia Pacific Industrial and Business Management (2001.8.1)

Department of Finance (2002.8.1)

Department of Information Management (2002.8.1)

Institute of Business and Management (2004.8.1)

The International MBA (2011.8.1)

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